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Ways to Partner with Us

SOS Children’s Villages understands the critical role that businesses play in creating sustainable change for vulnerable children.  We want to move beyond traditional ‘CSR’ relationships and instead embrace transformational and strategic partnerships with progressive businesses that share our values. We partner with companies and organizations in achieving our common Sustainable Development Goals.

Partner with us in helping children in need with the following:
  • Nutrition and Health for Development
  • Educational Assistance / Scholarships
  • Youth Care and Empowerment
  • Transitioning Youth towards Independence
  • YouthCan!
  • Employee Volunteering and Giving
  • Cause Related Marketing
  • Digital Village

The Value of Partnership:

As we commit quality care to every child, we also pledge quality engagements with our gracious partners through the following:
  • Certificate of Donation (Tax Exempt Certificate)
  • Program Updates and Project Interim & Year-End Reports
  • Brand Visibility in SOS Website, Social Media and Newsletters
  • Regular Employee Engagements and Volunteering Activities

Child Care Champ Awards and Partners Appreciation

We work closely with multi-national corporations, national companies, and small- to medium-sized businesses to build partnerships that leverage the strengths of the corporate sector.

The nature of our partnerships varies with each partner, evolving over time to respond to children’s needs and changes in the business environment.

Whether it’s through strategic programmatic funding, by leveraging a company’s core expertise and networks, or by working with industries to promote child-rights principles in responsible business practices, we partner with the private sector to make a transformational difference for children.


  • SOS Children's Villages South Africa will not enter into partnerships with companies engaged in the sale of alcohol, tobacco, arms and weapons, and gambling (except charity lotteries).
  • SOS Children's Villages South Africa will not enter into partnerships with companies that utilise child labour in any aspect of their activities or supply chain.


Marketing Guidelines
  • Although SOS Children's Villages South Africa is the beneficiary of donations through its partnerships, we have no ability to sell or distribute products for our partners. While SOS Children's Villages South Africa may publicly acknowledge its corporate partners, we cannot advertise for our partners or promote our partners’ products and services because of our non-profit status. To help raise awareness of SOS Children's Villages South Africa, we ask our partners to publish our URL ( and associated messaging on all promotional materials, press releases, and other partnership outreach materials.
  • SOS Children's Villages South Africa is happy to provide partners with language to use for this purpose. For all marketing programmes, SOS Children's Villages South Africa requests that partners provide consumers with information about our work around the world, along with a way to contact SOS Children's Villages South Africa for further information.
  • SOS Children's Villages South Africa owns the registration for the SOS Children's Villages South Africa name and logo. These are licensed marks, and written permission is required for their use. In order to use these licensed marks, a company must enter into a written contract with SOS Children's Villages South Africa outlining how the company will use the licensed marks.
  • Cause-related Marketing

Without a fully-executed contract, use of the SOS Children's Villages South Africa name and/or logo is strictly prohibited. Sale of Products and Commercial Co-Venture If you wish to contribute a percentage of proceeds from the sale of a product, you must provide a sample to SOS Children’s Villages for review. We accept drawings and/or photos in cases where the product is still in development. In its simplest terms, a commercial co-venture is a relationship where a company promoting a product or service fully discloses to the public that a specified portion of the proceeds will benefit a cause. SOS Children's Villages South Africa  cannot give legal advice to organisations or corporations that conduct programmes or promotions with us; we advise them to seek legal counsel to ensure that they comply with these registration requirements.

House Sponsorship

An SOS Family Home is a loving, family-like environment, for children without parental care. Your CSI contribution towards an SOS Family Home, provides an SOS Family, with up to 8 children, with a qualified carer, the SOS Mother, an education suited to their needs, nutritious meals, access to good healthcare, clean water and minor building maintenance. Many of the children we care for have had difficult life experiences and for those children with specific needs, we provide remedial tuition, trauma counselling and psychological support.


Does your Corporate Social Investment policy aim to contribute both financially and through staff involvement? Do you want to be certain that your investment and involvement will create immense impact? Family Home Sponsorship presents an ideal opportunity for you. Through an annual contribution of R150 000 you will be allocated a specific family in a specific village whom you will sponsor. Your donation will be used to supplement the running costs of the house. This is a mutually rewarding partnership. We would welcome your enquiries. Please email our Corporate Fundraising Team Leader – or


Thanks to the social commitment of many donors and responsible companies, children who have lost parental care, now have the chance to have a successful childhood, the chance to develop their potential, to take up jobs and to become independent and responsible members of our society.


Current corporate collaborations

Add Hope

KFC’s contributions, combined with R2 donations from our customers, feed more than 30 million nutritious meals to children throughout South Africa. This contributes to a brighter future for these children, as they will be able to focus when they have a full stomach which fuels them to learn, grow and thrive. We are proud to partner with SOS Children’s Villages to feed the potential of those who need it most.


Invests in improving the lives of children by providing a safe and loving home for children who have lost care of their parents.


DHL and DHL GoTeach

DHL Group - GoTeach Vision: By 2030  we empower all young people reached by our strategic partners to attain the employability skills necessary to live an independent life. 

Famous Brands Coffee Company

Famous Brands Coffee Company believes children are our future and that every child deserves respect, love and care. Famous Brands Coffee Company will donate part of the sale of every bag of Loba Coffee Blend No. 1: “Giant of the Rift Valley” (with Ethiopian, Kenyan and Tanzanian coffee origins) to SOS Children’s Villages.


For over 15 years and through our partnership with SOS Children's Villages in South Africa, we have been able to positively impact our community especially vulnerable members of our community.


Kargo National has partnered with SOS Children's Villages in South Africa for a number of years to support their mission of providing a safe and nurturing environment for children in need. We believe that every child deserves a loving home and a chance to thrive, and we are committed to making a positive impact in our community in that regard.

Kargo National is proud to partner with the SOS Children's Villages and look forward to making a meaningful difference in the lives of the children and families they serve.


Radisson Hotel Group became a global partner of SOS Children’s Villages in 2018, engaging its 1,400 hotels to support the work of SOS Children’s Villages in providing food, shelter and better futures to children.

Roos Foods

Roos Foods, long-standing Family Home Sponsor of SOS Children's Village Nelspruit. Through our partnership, loving homes are provided for children in need of care. 

voestalpine High Performance Metals Africa

voestalpine High Performance Metals Africa is dedicated to empowering the next generation by supporting the mission of SOS Children's Villages in South Africa. We believe that every child deserves a loving and secure home where they can flourish. Through our partnership, we aim to provide essential resources and opportunities, helping to create a brighter future for children who have lost parental care. We are honored to contribute to this cause and are committed to making a lasting positive impact on our community.


VSC Solutions is proud to have built a long-term relationship with SOS Children’s Villages. We are firm believers in supporting and equipping our youth so that they can realise their fullest potential.

Big Thanks to our long-standing

Corporate Partners

Do you have any questions about your partnership?

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