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a Child a Loving Home

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Become a Sponsor and

give Children a Loving Home


Home – that means safety, love and security. Having a home means having a place in the world as a child and the chance for a happy future.

Every day, children and young people around the world lose their homes to circumstances beyond their control and are helpless to face. From one moment to the next, their childhood is marked by violence, hunger, poverty, illness or fear.

SOS Children's Villages takes care of these children and gives them a new home in an SOS Children's Village. With your SOS Children's Village sponsorship you make an important contribution to the future of children in need. 

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As a sponsor, your monthly sponsorship will support the work of SOS Children's Villages in South Africa in a  sustainable manner. Your monthly sponsorship of R150 assists in ensuring that children's needs are met.

This is how your CHILD sponsorship works

A loving home

Your sponsorship gives children in need new security. The children experience an environment of certainty, love and stability. They get healthy food and everything they need to grow up.

School and education

The children receive an education that corresponds to their abilities and desires, and one that enables them to make their own decisions about their future.

Mindful togetherness

The children receive love, care and respect in their families and learn how to use natural resources responsibly. Everyone gets the same chances and opportunities.