SOS Children’s Villages South Africa Mathanjana Programme

Since the establishment of this Social Centre in Mathanjana, 5 547 children and 543 families have been


SOS Mathanjana’s work is anchored in the need to protect children. Through community dialogues, the programme creates awareness on children’s rights and mobilises collective community and family action in upholding their rights. Located in Limpopo, the SOS Mathanjana Social Centre activities include advocacy for children’s rights, family capacity building, child education support and child development.

SOS staff work with community-based organisations to support over 500 children and their caregivers. SOS Mathanjana is an implementing partner for Isibindi (a programme where 20 child and youth care workers provide direct support to vulnerable households). The SOS Mathanjana Safe Park gives children a safe place to play and participate in developmental activities. Unemployment is rife in this remote rural area, and young people roam the streets for lack of employment and tertiary opportunities.