SOS Children's Village Ennerdale

SOS Ennerdale was the first long-term alternative care programme for children.


Established in Johannesburg in 1984, the programme is now well integrated into the local community.

SOS Ennerdale cares for over 80 children and teens in 10 homes in the village. As part of its community integration efforts, two of the SOS Ennerdale homes housing 12 children are in the local community.

A further 300 children and their families are supported through community outreach work. Children at SOS Ennerdale benefit from consistent and individualised support from the caregivers, social workers and other staff members.

Ennerdale is burdened with high levels of crime and drugs. The SOS Ennerdale team is part of a community safety group and works tirelessly to protect children. 

Contact SOS Children's Villages Ennerdale on: 011 855 1484/1062