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As a sponsor of an SOS Children's Village in South Africa, you can help support the loving care, health, education and supportive community life of children who have been given a new home through SOS Children’s Villages. When we take a child into our care, they become part of an SOS family.

These families live together in a community known as an SOS Children’s Village. Our SOS Villages provide children with an environment in which they can play, form strong relationships and enjoy their childhood in its entirety. A typical Children’s Village has 10-15 homes.

We ensure they receive quality education and all the support they need to flourish. We don’t just treat children when they’re sick, but work to ensure they are protected against illness. We don’t just put a roof over their heads, but give each child a loving family for life.

Your help is already effective from R150/month.

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This is how your VILLAGE sponsorship works

A loving home

Your sponsorship gives children in need new security. The children experience security, love and stability. They get healthy food and everything they need to grow up.

School and education

The children receive an education that corresponds to their abilities and desires and that enables them to make their own decisions about their future.

Mindful togetherness

The children receive love, care and respect in their families and learn how to use natural resources responsibly. Everyone gets the same chances.

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