SOS Children’s Villages provides children with alternative care, where necessary, and where families of origin are not the best place for children to grow up.  

With strong and healthy relationships, each child and young person can grow up with the trust and sense of belonging that is essential for them to become their strongest selves. Our quality care puts their individual needs and best interests first, and provides them with a nurturing and stable family environment. If it is in the best interests for a child to return to their family of origin, we actively support this.

We promote and are guided by the UN Guidelines for the Alternative Care for Children to which we made key contributions in the development process. In line with the guidelines, we draw on our wealth of experience to provide and support a range of alternative care settings, because different children, different cultures, and different situations call for different care options.  

Pillars of SOS Family Care: 

  • We provide care and education to equip each child to face life’s challenges in the future. 

  • We nurture a secure, loving and reliable relationship between the child and their parent or a primary caregiver. 

  • We work with community partners to develop strong social support systems for children and families to develop, grow and learn in a positive, supportive environment. 

  • We aim to provide the most appropriate care for each individual child. 

We take the side of children and young people.

Society's most vulnerable, especially the weakest, need a strong partner - unconditional, passionate, courageous and all with emphasis. This determination is necessary and effective. We are committed to young people who cannot live with their parents as they are exposed to massive unequal treatment and we provide them with improved training opportunities after the end of compulsory schooling. Equal rights for all young people, no matter where they come from.