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To support our cause, on GivenGain, which is to provide children who have lost parental care with loving homes, please click here: 

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Paired with our unparalleled experience in care and prevention, your contribution makes a real difference in the lives of children, families and communities around the world.


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Across the world, SOS Children’s Villages offers loving homes to about many orphaned and abandoned children. SOS Children's Villages also works with vulnerable families, who are at risk of abandoning their children. Supporting the families so the children are kept with their biological family.

Volunteering with children who are vulnerable presents greater risk, these children are in need of stability so volunteer opportunities with children are very limited, to specialty skill sets and locations.

A great deal of our work depends upon the support of volunteers to help raise funds for SOS and spread awareness about our cause.


Volunteer or Intern with Us

If you would like to engage with SOS in a professional capacity and enrich your CV with valuable experience, come volunteer or intern with us!

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Together with the support from shoppers, MySchool and SOS Children’s Villages in South Africa, we can achieve our goal, to provide loving homes for children who have lost the care of their parents, because, we hold firm to our belief, that only within supportive, protective and loving homes, can children develop to their full potential.

Through MySchool contributions, we work to make this a reality, we are able to continue building futures for the children under our care and make their dreams become a reality!

MySchool's loyal supporters make it possible for the children under our care to achieve their dreams and ambitions. Please use this QR Code to sign up and help us to provide a child with a loving home.