We speak out…We act and…We influence change

SOS CV SA offers designed responses to Children’s developmental needs, Child Rights violations, environmental changes and challenges in line with Government strategy.

We are committed to ensuring the rights of all children by contributing to improving public policies and laws such as the Country’s Children’s Act 38 of 2005 and subsequent amendments with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Africa Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child forming the foundation of our work.

We work where we are needed most as determined by the child rights situation of children. Through advocacy, we are able to reach children in our target group, and families that cannot access our direct services.

We are able to persuade the government, policy makers, institutions and the society to implement political, social, economic and cultural changes to benefit all children without parental care who are the most forgotten and neglected groups.

Our Activities Include

Campaigning and speaking against child Rights violations to promote child well-being and child safeguarding against all forms of abuse.

Helping children to benefit from the social protection initiatives made available for alleviation of poverty (SDG 1) and for prevention of family breakdowns.

We join others and participate in dialogues, collaborations, forums, networking and alliances for policy development and policy review to bring important topics about children, from our rich experience, for regional and national agendas.

We take care to the communities and help them to contribute towards caring for their children through community integrated houses/ families and other forms of alternative care

Get involved


Join us in our advocacy projects and advocacy activities as we give a voice to all children in our target group.


We would like to partner with you to provide the needed services to children.


Volunteer with us by giving of your time at no cost, to help SOS CV reach its goals by assisting with caring for children, raising funds or giving administrative support at National level or in programmes.