Our mission: the reason we exist

We build families for children in need and in doing so we help them shape their own futures. But we don’t leave our involvement there – we share in the development of their communities. We have cared for over 24 000 children over the years since we opened our first village in 1982.

A global charity with a local heart, we provide care via our family-based care villages, our family strengthening programmes and our community service centres.

Quite simply – because there
are so many vulnerable
children that need us.

We undertake this challenge
on 3 fronts:

We build families for children in need

We work for children who are orphaned, abandoned or whose families are unable to care for them.

We give these children the opportunity to build lasting relationships within a family.

We help them shape their own futures

We enable children to live according to their own culture and religion, and to be active members of the community.

We help children to recognise and express their individual abilities, interests and talents. We ensure that children receive the education and skills training they need to become successful and contributing members of society.

We share in the development of their communities

We share in community life and respond to the social development needs of society’s most vulnerable children and young people. We establish facilities and programmes that aim to strengthen families and prevent the abandonment of children.

We join hands with community members to develop self-reliance, support education and health care initiatives, and respond to emergencies where necessary.

Our hope for the children of South Africa is that every child belongs to a family and grows with love, respect and security.

Every child belongs to a family

Family is the heart of society. Within a family each child is protected and enjoys a sense of belonging. Here, children learn values, share responsibilities and form life-long relationships. A family environment gives them a solid foundation on which to build their lives.

Every child grows with love

Through love and acceptance, emotional wounds are healed and confidence is built. Children learn to trust and believe in themselves and others. With this self-assurance each child can recognise and fulfil his or her potential.

Every child grows with respect

Each child’s voice is heard and taken seriously. Children participate in making decisions that affect their lives and are guided to take a leading role in their own development. The child grows with respect and dignity as a cherished member of his or her family and society.

Every child grows with security

Children are protected from abuse, neglect and exploitation and are kept safe during natural disaster and war. Children have shelter, food, health care and education. These are the basic requirements for the sound development of all children.