• October 9, 2020
  • Seithuto Seakgwa
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Nurturing new talents

During lockdown, an SOS mother from Mthatha was surprised by one child’s flair for picking up new skills.

The youngster, 13-year-old Mlondi* from SOS Mthatha, showed some impressive handyman skills when he noticed his mother was struggling with a wonky washing machine.

“Ma! Can I have a look at the machine? I think I can repair it for you if you can bring me a screwdriver?” A screwdriver was hastily found and Mlondi fixed the machine. After being praised, he noticed a loose curtain rail. He picked up his trusty screwdriver and secured the rail properly to the wall!

Mlondi earned high praise from his mother and the whole village.

If not for the lockdown, he might never have discovered his hidden talents!

*Not his real name.