• June 19, 2020
  • Seithuto Seakgwa
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Give an SOS child someone to look up to

There are many little things that children learn from their parents. Like how to cook a chicken; and how to manage their pocket money.

But what happens when you come from a broken or abusive family and no one’s interested in teaching you life’s little necessities?

That’s where SOS role models come in! And with Youth Day being celebrated this month, I’m hoping you’ll click here now to send your gift to ensure that SOS children always have positive role models in their lives.

Morgan Mokalake is one of our amazing mentors. This 27-year-old is an SOS Port Elizabeth youth development coordinator. He’s an electrical engineer but his heart lies in working with children.

“I made a promise to myself to pass on my skills to children wherever possible; to teach them things like how to use a screwdriver and how to treat a girl. Our young people are going to leave SOS one day and need to pass on these practises to younger generations. How will they do that if they haven’t been taught?” he asks.

Your gift, made online by clicking here now, will ensure that mentors like Morgan are on hand to guide SOS youth.

Because when children have encouraging role models in their lives, many positive things can happen. Their self-esteem grows; they show greater respect to others; they perform better in class; and they know how to deal with life issues better.

“What we’re doing at SOS is exciting. We make sure that by the time youth leave SOS they are employable, have a place to stay and can handle their finances. We’re guiding them to a better place,” says Morgan.

Most SOS role models are women because mothers and women form the bulk of our caregivers. But male role models play an essential part in child development.

If children don’t have a positive male role model they’ll find a negative one elsewhere. Most children in this area will become gangsters if there’s no positive father figure,” says Tina Miller, a wonderful SOS Cape Town mother.

So please can I ask you to click here to send your donation to help ensure that every child has a role model at SOS: a mother or aunt, youth development worker, programme coordinator, social worker or trusted friend.

Because every boy and girl deserves a caring role model, whose door will always be open.