• December 17, 2019
  • Seithuto Seakgwa
  • Press releases

SOS Children’s Villages calls for a non-violent South Africa, especially for children

The 16 Days of Activism for no violence against women and children is an important initiative that was launched in June 1991, when feminists from 21 countries were convened by the Center for Women’s Global Leadership (CWGL).

Women and children are subjected to neglect, trafficking, murder, child marriages, bullying and different forms of violence and abuse.

SOS Children’s Villages calls for intensified efforts by stakeholders to end this abuse and violence, for stakeholders to work together to ensure that children, young people, and women begin to enjoy a society where they feel safe.

We believe that no child should grow up alone and that every child should live in a stable and caring family as part of a supportive community. However, this cannot be if children are exposed to, or are victims of violence and abuse.

SOS Children’s Villages South Africa is a child-focused organisation, looking after children who have lost the care of their parents and of their immediate families. These children and youth are provided with care in eight villages across the country. Our skilled care-givers work with these children to provide them with love, respect and care. To equip them to fully understand these children, the care-givers are provided with psycho-social support, training and ongoing professional development.

Our efforts that go towards child-protection continue to be intensified. The organization also has Child Safeguarding Investigators, who have the responsibility of safeguarding children and investigating where there have been breaches of child protection. These investigators have undergone capacity-building training to increase their knowledge and skills, and to strengthen their ability to respond appropriately to reported child safeguarding concerns within the organisation. This has strengthened the organisation as a whole, and improved the quality of care for the children and youth.

SOS Children’s Villages has zero tolerance to any form of abuse or harm to children, and to women.

Our call, is to work together with communities and decision makers, to create a South Africa where children, young people, and women experience no abuse, and no violence.