• December 13, 2019
  • Seithuto Seakgwa
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How about giving SOS children a hug for Christmas?

When Taryn* opened the door to her new SOS bedroom, this little four-year-old got the surprise of her life. For the first time, she had her own warm bed in a pretty pink bedroom; and three SOS sisters to share with.

Taryn never dreamed such things were possible.

“When I think back on that first night, my bedroom and warm bed was like a big hug. I felt like I was home,” says Taryn.

And with Christmas just a few weeks away, we’re hoping you’ll click here now to give other SOS children the warm hug of a safe home.

Before Taryn came to live at SOS, the only life she knew was a life of hardship. Her mother and granny had passed away and she was left to fend for herself. She lived alone in a shack that leaked every time it rained. She begged for food and walked miles to fetch water.

But her life was transformed when SOS community workers brought her to an SOS village. She was amazed to have an SOS mother to cook and care for her; a brick house with a wardrobe for her few threadbare clothes; and a bathroom with running water.

That first night, she couldn’t wait to crawl into her bunkbed – tummy full – with warm blankets, soft pillows and a dry roof over her head.

Your gift, made securely online by clicking here, will help more SOS children feel the joy of a comfortable home.

We’ll use your gift to carry out essential maintenance of SOS family houses. There are 90 houses in South Africa and they need ongoing painting, repairs and upgrades to keep them safe and respectable.

Taryn lived in one of these houses until she finished school. She’s 22 already! Her life would be very different if donors like you hadn’t given her a secure and supportive home to grow up in.



So please click here now to send your Christmas hug to SOS children.

Thank you!

* We’ve given “Taryn” an alias to protect her identity.