• December 4, 2019
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What is your dream?

What do you dream about? Do you dream of wealth, health and happiness? And do you know what underprivileged children dream about? You might be surprised to learn that it’s not money!

We were at the SOS Mamelodi village the other day when we met Kamo*, a 10-year-old girl who gave us incredible insight into the dreams of SOS children.

This brave little girl has experienced deep heartache in her life.

And yet she doesn’t dream of turning back the clock;

or fame and fortune. She dreams of becoming a policewoman and protecting other children.

And with the festive season around the corner, we’re hoping you’ll click here  to send your special gift today to give more children like Kamo the courage to dream.

Kamo lost both her parents at a tender age and went to live with her grandparent. But when the grandparent died in 2015, she was left without a family or a home. It was a rough, confusing period for her.

But Kamo rediscovered her joy when she moved in with her SOS mother and SOS brothers and sisters.

This protective family unit gives her everything she could ever wish for: a secure home and a garden to play in; food on the table and clothes on her back; access to a doctor and education; and the opportunity to live in an environment where she’s respected, supported and allowed to make her own choices.

These are the things that underprivileged children dream of. And your donation made online by click here, will give these great gifts to more girls and boys at SOS Children’s Villages.

It’s thanks to the supportive community surrounding Kamo that she’s found the courage to truly believe that a better life is possible.

“My dream is to become a policewoman. I want to patrol the streets and make them safe for children to play. I need to be fit and good at running so that I can catch thieves,” Kamo told me with a serious face.

So please make your donation now and help more children like Kamo find the courage to dream.

*Her name has been changed