• August 2, 2019
  • Seithuto Seakgwa
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702 Walk the Talk for SOS Children’s Villages


We called ourselves the Fun Raisers, out to raise funds for SOS Children’s Villages. Not deterred by the early start, we gathered Sunday morning at 04:30, spirits high despite the early hour and a daunting 25K walk ahead of us.

It was all Brenda Gilbert’s idea, of course, she is a seriously accomplished walker. Brenda teamed with Ingi Conroy who has ten consecutive Comrades to her credit, plus having completed the Comrades 90K Walk. However, for both, these accomplishments are a distant memory.  The two men, Kevin Flynn and Phil Connolly have an impressive running pedigree, although, for Kevin, more memory then practice.  Lisa Flynn, Kaye Lyness and Hilary Peche were the ones venturing into the unknown.


Not surprisingly it was the youthful inexperienced who set off at a pace, while the experience of Ingi, Brenda, Phil said: “let them go, we’ll catch them soon enough”. At least 3000 had undertaken the 25K challenge, all shapes and sizes. Most of the fun in this walk is the easy interaction with a variety of 702 Landers, as all make their way from one iconic venue to the next; The Great Hall of Wits, Mandela Bridge, The Fort /Prison on Constitution Hill, Nelson Mandela’s House etc. The vibe certainly seemed to buoy the inexperienced Fun Raisers as they never did tire, choosing the Zoo as a venue to wait and regroup, although this may have had something to do with Hilary competing with the Zebras. Then the young Fun Raisers were off again, leaving the more experienced to maintain a steady pace.

At the tail end of the 25K walkers, things did get decidedly quieter in the second half, as we urged our weary legs across Zoo Lake, towards Mark’s Park and the welcome finish line. But again, a great vibe there and we soon felt strong enough to set off for a celebratory lunch, all having completed the walk in under 5 hours.

We had our Fun and, with the support of other enthusiasts who were unable to make the day, we raised nearly R10 000 for SOS Children’s Villages. So a big thank you to those who put their hands in their pocket, even though they were unable to make the Walk. If you want our efforts to break the R10 000 mark, please chip-in by donating direct. Even a small amount makes a big difference.  No child should be alone.






Now to train for next year.

The Fun Raisers