• February 14, 2019
  • Seithuto Seakgwa
  • National Director

SOS Youth Heads to Tanzania

Thabang is an exceptional human being. In 2017, Thabang joined the launch of the YouthCan! Program in Sandton, and then he accompanied me to Ethiopia to take part in a Youth Empowerment Summit at the African Union. He is currently studying Public Administration and Communications at UNISA.

In all of this, Thabang has demonstrated clear leadership potential and he has been a great ambassador for SOS. And so now, it gives me great pleasure to announce that Thabang has been chosen to receive the CA Technologies Scholarship for Young Global Pioneers’ Journey to Tanzania!

This is a gathering in July/Aug 2018 of talented young people from around the world, to ignite intercultural understanding, empathy, and aspiration in the next generation of leaders. Thabang will be joined by a select group of young people from Brazil, China, Denmark, Germany, India, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Puerto Rico, Russia, Tanzania, Turkey, USA and Vietnam.

The YGP gave us this feedback on Thabang: “He is strongly motivated to make a difference in his community. He is highly curious to learn from other cultures and to understand how other countries manage their own challenges – in order to apply his insights back home. Throughout the interview he came across as very well reflected and mature. We believe he will be an exceptional YGP participant and representative of South Africa on the Learning Journey.