• November 29, 2018
  • Seithuto Seakgwa
  • SOS Projects


Imagine a South Africa where all young people can make informed decisions about their subject choices beyond basic education, then follow their preferred field of study or skills acquisition, and end up in their chosen career paths.

The end result should be a decrease in school and university drop outs rates, and better chances for children to succeed in their studies as they will be pursuing the right careers with the necessary information and support. This will contribute skills which will lead to the growth of South Africa’s economy.

SOS Children’s Villages South Africa (SOSSA) is organising an advocacy campaign called #YesChild – we need support in education. It is meant to better inform children about subject choices and career paths, helping them to choose the correct subjects for the careers they wish to pursue based on their interests and capabilities, to prepare them for employability and independent living.

“YesChild” idea originated from SOS’s global emphasis on the importance of child participation and independent living.

The campaign topic,“we need support in education”, resulted from a roadshow capturing data, then an analysis of voices of more than 300 children and youth in our care, expressing the biggest challenges in their lives and their wishes for support in reaching their dreams.

Children appealed for education support in:

  1. Subject choice and career pathing
  2. Mastering difficult subjects (peer to peer support, teacher support, tutorials & study material)
  3. Education resources at school (textbooks and libraries)
  4. Parental support with education and career choices,

SOS wants to strengthen children’s voices, to ensure their full involvement in matters that affect them, rather than having them as recipients when decisions are already made.

Education is a key component in the establishment of a prosperous life for any person. The goal is to strengthen the children’s care and employability, so that each child may grow to be a contributing member of society.