• November 29, 2018
  • Seithuto Seakgwa
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It takes a special kind of magic

It takes a special kind of magic to get 327 children ready for the first day of school

In January, SOS house mothers will be getting a whopping 327 children ready for school. And some of them will be starting school for the very first time. They have never been more excited!

Six-year-old Jay-Jay* from our Port Elizabeth village is one of them. He can’t wait to put on his new school uniform and catch the school bus with his SOS brothers and sisters.


This new chapter of life – of setting off on the road to education with their own school uniforms, books, pencils and bags – is a truly priceless gift that friends like you make possible.


Most of us remember going to the shops with our parents to buy a new pencil box and Koki pens. We also want to give SOS children that experience!

But with 327 children needing back-to-school supplies, it takes a special kind of magic to make it happen.


Your gift, made by clicking here now, will bring that magic to life!


Jay-Jay’s ready and waiting! His SOS siblings keep telling him about what happens at school and he’s literally hopping with excitement.

“Soon I will get a new school uniform and shoes; and a bag and a pencil case for the big school,” he says with great excitement.


Your donation made by clicking here will keep Jay-Jay’s dreams alive!


We’ll use your gift to purchase school essentials like school uniforms, tracksuits and raincoats; sports kits and lunch boxes, and to pay for school transport. These costs really do add up – and it’ll be a huge relief to have your help.

Your support will help to open the door to happiness, and close the door on a painful past.


So please click here to make your donation now, and help ensure that SOS children celebrate their first day of school with pride. Thank you!


*We’ve changed Jay-Jay’s name to protect his identity.