• January 19, 2018
  • Seithuto Seakgwa
  • National Director

Volunteer Work

Hi Everyone

The spirit of volunteerism is alive & well in Limpopo! This week I was privileged to meet the volunteers who work, every day, at our drop-in centre in Sekhukhune. They prepare meals, help with homework, give advice, do laundry, as well as all sorts of other things to help children in need.

We also have a volunteer social worker, youth advisor, and people who train children in ICT skills at our computer lab. This is the true spirit of Ubuntu: good people giving of their time and energy to help others. Respect!

I was struck by how close our Sekhukhune programme is to the community. We have an intricate web of links to local authorities, institutions, forums and individuals who help us in our work. Every year we hold a General Meeting for all the surrounding community members. Our staff present their plans and then we open the floor to anyone who wants to hold SOS to account. Talk about transparency!