• September 16, 2016
  • Seithuto Seakgwa
  • National Director

Child Safeguarding Investigators

Hi everyone,

This year, I am extremely thankful for the team of Child Safeguarding Investigators, who are preserving a safe space for children in our programmes.

As you know, each alleged case of abuse needs two qualified people to investigate. But until this week, we only had one investigator in the entire organization. This was a major challenge, and we relied on the support of our friends at the Regional Office.

So, we urgently needed to train more Child Safeguarding Investigators…but these SOS training sessions don’t happen very often, and they take place far away. Instead, we decided to bring the trainers to us!

Our amazing Regional Office colleagues, agreed to facilitate the Child Safeguarding Investigator training (level 1) in Joburg this week. We selected six co-workers to participate, which means that soon we will have 7 qualified Child Safeguarding Investigators at SOS Children’s Villages South Africa!

Being a Child Safeguarding Investigator takes immense courage, which we value highly at SOS.