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Our Cape Town Village Is In Crisis





We desperately need a reliable water supply. Our dams are broken dust bowls and the taps could soon run dry.


The Western Cape is in the grip of a prolonged drought . . . and Cape Town is just months away from running out of fresh water.

We’re trying not to panic about what this will mean for our SOS Children’s Village in Cape Town. But in reality, the water crisis is a direct threat to the vulnerable children in our residential programme.

That’s why we’re hoping you’ll click here now and send a gift to help us avoid the worst-case scenario.

Because if we experience a deterioration in the water, health or security that we offer our children, the unthinkable could happen: the children could be evacuated from our care. This could have catastrophic consequences for youngsters who’ve already experienced so much trauma and upheaval.

We’ve put an emergency plan in place to obtain our own independent supply of drinking and sanitation water.

But we need you to click here now, and send a donation to help bring it to life.

Our plan is to carry out a water geological study of our property; and sink four boreholes and install 10 000 litres storage tanks at each of our twenty homes on the property. We’ll need to put in piping and pumps; and introduce water treatment measures to ensure water is safe to drink.

The tanks are important because if the boreholes don’t yield enough water – or if we can’t get them sunk before the taps run dry – we’ll need to store enough water for our daily needs.

Your donation, made by clicking here, will help keep SOS children in their homes.

The dry conditions and water restrictions mean that we also have to incur extra costs to prevent accidental fires, like buying more fire extinguishers; clearing the property of combustible debris; and possibly improving security to protect our new water infrastructure.

So please click here now and support this Village in its hour of need. Thank you.